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Mummy Wars… Mothers Fighting Over Their Choices

Is it true that to be a good mother, your child must not spend time in paid for childcare? Do you think this ‘fact’ is just another way of putting a wedge between women? I believe it could well be a way of holding women back from achieving their dreams? Before my husband John and I got married, we talked and agreed on the type of childcare we wanted for our children (if we ever had children). The agreement was that one of us would have to sacrifice his or her career for a few years. Well, at least until the children were in full-time education. And this was what we did when our first daughter was born. Practicality meant I was the one who gave up their career because it made sense to; John earned far more than me. I remember the day I called my former employers (a well-known pharmaceutical company) to resign. I felt sad and angry that I had to give up my seat at the table. A seat I had …

Tiger Mother

This is a photo of me taken this morning by my 7-year-old daughter. She took the photo before the madness which goes with our weekday morning routines begins.This madness is always triggered by my determination to get her and her sister to school before 8.50am…

Broken Plate Left Behind

My Mum left this world forever leaving all her “junk” behind.

She left all her expensive but hardly worn “Iro and Buba” attires. These attires were sewn out of Swiss lace, Guinea brocade and Hollandis Wax. The Swiss lace, she wore only on Sundays to church or parties.

She was known for not wearing the same outfit twice.

Did I mention she did not take any of her chunky gold jewellery with her? The gold jewellery she purchased from traders who brought them back from Saudi Arabia. Some designed by the local goldsmith who lived down the road from us.