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Exciting News about RealYvonneBlog

Dear RealYvonneBlog followers, RealYvonneBlog is growing at an incredible rate. So, I’ve had to move it to a new hosting service. What this means is that WordPress won’t be sending you any more email notifications about exciting things happening at the RealYvonneBlog. But please don’t worry! There’s a new and easy way to sign up all my juicy news, adventures and worries. Signing up takes just a few seconds… 1. Please go directly to 2. On the right-hand side of the page, just pop in your Email Address and Name. Be rest assured that you are still on this journey with me. Thank you for supporting me over the last few months, and I still need your support for the future. Yvonne xxx

Monica Lewinsky And Me

Yesterday, Monica Lewinsky came into my home and made me cry. “That woman” reduced me to a crying mess as I prepared dinner for my family.

If you do not know Monica Lewinsky, she was the 22-years old graduate and Intern who fell for Bill Clinton. But, without going into details of the scandal especially the semen-stained dress, Monica publicly paid for inappropriately falling for Mr President…