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Pronouncements On Accents

I was watching the TED talk given by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie “The danger of a single story”. This video has been watched 8,225,847 times on TED’s website. I am very proud of Chimamanda. Hopefully, Nigeria is proud of their daughter too.

Furthermore, I have listened to several of her interviews. I have also watched her TEDx Talk “We should all be feminists”. It marvels me that she still speaks in an Ibo accent. Chimamanda, why haven’t you adopted a British or American accent?

Mind The Chat

On Wednesday, I met with my oldest friend, L for coffee. We met in Costa at Old Street, London. And before you ask, yes, we were loud.

The joy of seeing each other was great. As we chatted about the hilarious, old days, our voices became louder, our laughter thunderous. Our loud voices became obvious when a woman, caught my eyes, gave me “the look”, smiled and continued whatever she was doing.

“The look” the woman gave, was discreet and powerful. My false self uses it on my children when we are in public,when I want them to portray themselves as classy and stylish. (Not judged wrongly).

Transformed…First Ever English Tea

Wow. I feel British. I feel transformed.

I have always wondered what it would feel like to be British. I have always wanted to dunk myself into everything British, this includes: food, culture, style, etc.

On Saturday 31st January, I enjoyed a culinary heritage called The Afternoon Tea for the very first time. This Afternoon Tea experience, has earned itself a 5 star on my pleasure radar. I must warn you, I take my limited number of pleasures seriously. Thanks, Oprah.