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Blogging 101… Staying True To Yourself In The Noisy World Of Blogging

I am a newborn. A newborn in the world of blogging. A restless newborn tired of taking baby steps. The restlessness in this newborn desires to skip the learning stages of blogging. My restlessness wants to skip crawling and walking. It wants to run. And run very fast too!

I am writing this blog post to remind myself of who I really am and why I started RealYvonneBlog. Reminding myself of these facts will help keep me grounded. Grounded to be myself in the very noisy and confusing world of blogging.

So, who am I? I am a mother, wife and blogger. My blog was born just two months ago after a friend (a blogger herself) encouraged me to start it. I pondered her advice for a few months, and after my long-winded pondering, RealYvonneBlog was born into the world of WordPress.


What is RealYvonneBlog about? RealYvonneBlog is my way of sharing my journey; my journey to understand what makes me tick and why I was placed on this earth. I believe I can only understand my uniqueness when I become an expert on myself. RealYvonneBlog is about sharing my passion and life experiences as a mother, wife, woman, friend, sister and daughter. In writing my unique stories,  I hope my true self becomes clear to me and my life story resonates with you.

What Category does RealYvonneBlog fall into? RealYvonneBlog is not a Gossip Marketing, Politics or Art blog. It is not even a Lifestyle, Fashion, Parenting or Tech blog. RealYvonneBlog can’t really be boxed into a group, since the blog is about my unique life experiences.

But lately, I have become impatient and discouraged about the uniqueness of my blog. I have been asking myself if my uniqueness is going to block me from achieving my main goal – writing for a bigger audience. Also, I have become afraid that my already grey hair might be all silver before my goal is finally achieved. My fear is heightened when my stubbornly double-digit stats on WordPress refuse to move upwards, or the constant decline in my Twitter following.

You may say, “but Yvonne, it is still very early days”. I say, I can’t help feeling that my beautiful life stories are drowning unnoticed in a big, turbulent and confusing blogging ocean. It is okay to feel this way once in a while.

Is RealYvonneBlog dying in its Infancy? What do you think? Of course not ! For the first time in my life, I have found something that I am actually very good at…writing. As the daughter of Nigerians parents, Higher Education is everything. My parents told me to be a lawyer. So I dutifully studied Law, but ultimately refused to become a lawyer. I became a housewife instead. I strongly believe that the career advice given to me by my parents must have killed my passion for writing. But now that I have found writing I am NOT giving it up without a battle.

RealYvonneBlog is here to stay.

As I write this, I also write the manifesto for RealYvonneBlog. This manifesto is an important statement that is going to keep RealYvonneBlog on the right path. The first item on my manifesto is an annoying cliché. Stay true to yourself.

By the way, this post applies to all aspects of life. How do you stay true to yourself? Please share with me. Thanks.

Yvonne xxx


  1. Well done Yvonne. You have touched on the nerve of successful blogging- staying true and authentic. It will take you far on this journey- that, and your determination. I look forward to seeing great things from RealYvonne.com


  2. I feel like this everyday. Constantly asking myself, what am I doing right? What am I doing wrong? How do I improve? How do I find the time to? How much of myself do I put out there before it feels hollow?

    I enjoy your blog, I like it’s authentic, raw feel. Like you’re talking/reading about a real person. Keep it up, because even though I don’t know you personally, I feel like this will work out great. x

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    • I feel like this everyday. Constantly asking myself, what am I doing right? What am I doing wrong? How do I improve? How do I find the time to? How much of myself do I put out there before it feels hollow?

      Wow. Honestly? I don’t know how to answer your question. But I can honestly tell you that as long as you are real,It is going to happen. How long? I don’t know. Realness resonates with people. So, continue doing what is real, ignore the noises around you and enjoy what you are doing.

      Thanks so much your compliment about my writing. Thanks for been one of the very first people to follow my blog. It was encouraging. Yvonne

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      • I’m more than glad to have been one of the first! And yes, you’re right. Realness does resonate with people. Will keep it in mind whenever I blog.


    • Hello, Thanks for your comment.I am so glad you understand and connect with me on staying real. What is the point of blogging about what you are not passionate about? Stay true and looking forward to hearing and reading from you. Yvonne

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