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Friendship In My Red Classic Cambridge Satchel

Three birthdays ago, a courier delivered a parcel to my home. The parcel came in the shape of an everyday brown box similar to the boxes Amazon uses. Only, it was not from Amazon.

Peering down inquisitively at this box which had my name on a label stuck on it. I started ripping the box apart. Inside the box was a package stunningly wrapped in an old-fashioned brown paper. Bound around the brown paper, a string knotted into a perfect bow with a note wishing me a Happy Birthday.

I picked up the parcel, took one deep breath and with my wobbly hands, I slowly and gently unwrapped the brown paper. And there it was…

A handmade Classic Cambridge red leather satchel

Lovingly, I picked it up, gave it a good sniff, a hug, I did a happy hop and squealed in excitement. In humility and appreciation, I whispered thank you. Thank you to the invisible person who sent this beautiful birthday present to me.

Red bag 2

In my hands, my new satchel felt solid, dependable and beautiful just like the friendship and sisterhood I share with the person who surprised me with one of my favourite things. And in my favourite colour.

Her name is Lara. (My partner in crime in the post Mind The Chat) Lara is my best friend and my sister of choice.

Lara got me this fabulous bag out of love. A love we have shared for over 30 years. A love which has brought our extended and immediate families together. We became friends in secondary school and by chance, attended the same university where we shared a bed sit.

To cut our long history together short so as not to you get you bored, Lara is the one, I call when I need words of wisdom. She is the one I call for a laugh and a bit of gossip. She is the one who patiently listens to my nit-picks. Over the years, she has given me time and energy.

When I met my boyfriend and now husband, Lara was the only person I knew he had to impress. She did not need much impressing from him; she gave her endorsement straight away. In her non-judgemental eyes, she saw a decent human being, a human being that is going to make her friend and sister happy.

Over the years of our incredible friendship, we have seen men come and go, children born, her mother recently passing away and other typical life events. But, Lara and I still share a strong bond.

Unlike Facebook or Twitter, She has never unfriended or unfollowed me.

Thank you, Lara.

Love you lots,

Yvonne xxx

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At 23, I left Nigeria where I was born and moved to England.In England, I got my Law degree and married John. I like things to be tidy and organised but as a working mum with young daughters, that is hard to achieve. But thanks to John, I have coped so far. If you'd to know more, it's all on my about page.


  1. Lara says

    Love you too my dear. This brought tears to my eyes. You are too kind. Xxx


  2. That’s my sister, my baby sister she was born when I turned 13, and I know what u mean. 13 years did not creat the ‘eg on and aburo’ thing. We talk like best friends. So I feel you Yvonne, and yes we are all family really


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