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Love of an era…Vintage Fashion

Vintage style and I have a love affair going on. Our love affair has gone on for years now. I cherish vintage clothes. Vintage fashion empowers me to make a personal style statement in a thrifty way.  Plus, the craftsmanship of these clothes is of very high standard.

My hunting for vintage clothes is mostly in charity and vintage shops in Surrey. I have noticed that the vintage and charity shops in the Surrey area is reasonably priced compared to Portobello Market or along Camden Passage in Islington.

The St Michael pleated skirt in this post is maybe a 1970s design. I bought it in a Oxfam shop in good condition. In fact, I am wearing it today. I am very keen to let you know that I look fabulous and pulled together in it.

Vintage pleated skirt by St Michaels.

Vintage pleated skirt by St Michaels.

I am not a fashion guru but I know a bit about fashion trends. (I do not buy into trends). But from what I have seen lately in magazines and high street shops, looks as if pleated skirts are trendy again


I fell in love with this vest as soon I laid my eyes on it in the same Oxfam shop. I don’t believe it is vintage but that does not matter. I love it anyway. On me, it looks and feels awesome.

This luxurious zebra print vest is going to jazz up some of  my dull skirts or trousers. The print on it is woven and not printed. For me, that is a plus. My love of Zebra patterns started a year or two ago when I saw a Zebra at Paignton Zoo for the very first time in my life. Incredible looking animals!

These items I have shared with you are my recent purchases and as I have always written in this blog, Vintage is affordable. Plus, you’ll always be the only girl in “that outfit”.


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