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Midweek Twerk Twerk

Chris Evans got me twerking.

He got me twerking in my kitchen on a school morning.

I was twerking to “Tease Me” by Chaka Demus & Pliers.

As he started playing this music on his BBC Radio 2 Breakfast show, I tried really hard to resist twerking in front of my children. The resistance did not last long; the beat of “Tease Me” made me lose control of my body and mind. I twerked.

My surprised daughters watched me in wonder. They could not believe what they were seeing. The twerking wasn’t what surprised them. Their mama dancing, singing and having fun surprised them. I am very good at managing my household but not so good at having fun.

As the beat got going, my daughters in their blue coloured school uniforms stopped eating their plantain and egg breakfast. They jumped out of their chairs and onto their feet. They twerked too!

It was an amazing moment. Well, except for the vulgar lyrics.

The music of Chaka Demus & Pliers transported me back to a happy time, a time that I worried about nothing; a time that my parents worried for me. They were responsible for me. The way my husband and I are responsible for our daughters.

Credit: Greyfaerie4

Credit: Greyfaerie4

“Tease Me” brought back the memories of the fun I had at “Boogie Nights” at the boarding school I attended. I remember at these “Boogies Nights” when “Tease Me” starts to blare out of the powerful Kenwood speakers, the supervising teachers knew to keep the boys and girls apart. This was near impossible, the lyrics and beat of this song made the students lose control.

After the lovely twerking experience with my daughters, some days later, I was volunteering at an infant disco party. As the children filed into the hall, the young, excited and ready to entertain DJ could not help but show off his collection of the latest music. His bubble machine was pretty powerful too.

When the party begun, I could not help but notice the different personalities of children present at this party. In some, I saw my younger self.

Some children knew what “Mr Fun” looked like. These children allowed the rhythm of the music to take them places. They danced and danced. They only stopped for a drink and a bite.

Another set did not know what to do with “Mr Fun”. They stared at him awkwardly.

The last set of children, reminded me of me. We are the children who want to have fun but need the company of another. We need permission to have fun. We can’t do it on our own.

I have thought so much about the different groups of children. The children that had fun with “Mr Fun” have taught me to question myself in whatever I do. The question is, “Am I having enough fun?”. This is hard but I am giving a shot.

As I left the disco party with my fun-loving daughters, I felt reassured knowing they know how to have a good time. A trait from their father.

Are you having a good time in what you are doing?

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At 23, I left Nigeria where I was born and moved to England.In England, I got my Law degree and married John. I like things to be tidy and organised but as a working mum with young daughters, that is hard to achieve. But thanks to John, I have coped so far. If you'd to know more, it's all on my about page.


  1. Lady L says

    Another great one Yvonne! Indeed you have found your true calling and I’m so proud of u.
    Yvvy Yvvy go get Busy!
    Murder she wrote.. Murder she wrote. Good ole Chaka eh.
    Only God knows wat he really meant in those lyrics as we boogied away!
    May she never write Murder oh! Can I have a big Amen. 🙏. LOL
    I guess it’s a good time to remember our weekends down the Club just outside Euston Station. Ha-ha
    OR as Hubby F would say “Let’s keep our SECRETS secret”


  2. Most of the childhood memories with my mother was her dancing and singing to the tune of Sango festival songs in the village (that was the life then). Funny, she missed out in the fun as she was in charge of cooking but she replayed it to us, her daughters. This is one of the memories that I still remember clearly today.

    Always nice to seize the moment to have fun. Ride on – the girls will remember that!


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